Special Awards


Most photos of himself on his own website Award

Alexander Prior

YES! - OF COURSE! - it's the self-appointed boy wonder himself, generously ensuring that we will not miss any opportunity to see him bestowing his blessings on all those lucky enough to have found themselves in his 'prodigious' presence.

Stageband counted one hundred and fifty four photos of him on the 'photos' page alone, a 'prodigious' number indeed, with plenty more for the faithful seekers after musical truth spread around the rest of the site.

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Tabloid Journalism Award

Royal Opera House: Don Giovanni -- Sun reader offer.

Something of a cat among the core classical pigeons in this year´s Awards is the Royal Opera House´s initiative with The Sun and the Helen Hamlyn Trust. The newspaper´s readers were offered heavily discounted tickets to the first night of the 2008-09 season, a revival of Don Giovanni. The aim of the initiative was to "break down perceived barriers and reach new audiences". The soaraway newspaper trailed as follows:

"a night of blood, betrayal, ghosts and topless totty in the story about a bed- hopping stud who is dragged to hell for his wicked ways".

".. and does gorgeous pouting Donna Anna appears on page three?"


Web Forum Stupid Question Award

Tuba news - repair forum

Tuba in Trash Can



"Some how I managed to jam my bits together and I've tried everything I can think of to get them apart. Is there any fool-proof way to get them apart or is it a matter of slowly working them apart or what? They are Conn bits if that makes any difference. Any help is appreciated."

"Try sitting in a warm bath for a while."



Unusual Job Advertisment Award

Soprano wanted:

Details: Required for Art Performance after 7pm Sunday 18th October at Auto-Italia South East in Peckham Will improvise a cappella around a requiem motif while a motorcross rider performs stunts on a stage of polychromatic glitter. 15mins performance. No rehearsals. Fee £150

"We do hope she can sing VERY loudly"




18th Century Lift Music Award

BBC Radio 3 Breakfast with Rob Cowan



Francois-Joseph Gossec (January 17, 1734-Febuary 16, 1829) Quartet for Flute and Strings No. 5 in B.

"A piece of music by this justly neglected Belgian composer that vividly invokes that feeling of being stuck between floors."







Worst Ever TV 'Music' Show Award

pOp star to Opera star

Never mind the 'X' factor -we think this show has the 'WHY?...' factor!

"Think you can sing?" says ITV's tacky publurbicity -(apparently Katherine Jenkins thinks she can) - This is a freak show that surely even Barnum & Bailey would have thought too grotesque for public consumption.

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