Classic S&M

A painful experience

Although most people are probably aware that for many years the psychological warfare branch of the US army (Psysops) used incessant high volume rock music by heavy metal bands such as Deicide and Metallica as a form of torture in places such as Iraq, it is not so well known that the music blasted at the Branch Devidians by the FBI in Texas to bring the Waco siege to an end back in 1993 consisted of Nancy Sinatra, Sing-along with Mitch Miller, an Andy Williams album, and crucially, 'CHRISTMAS CAROLS'.


Many Christmases later, deep inside a small unassuming( but relaxed) building in London's (relaxing) Leicester Square, which serves as the headquarters of a certain commercial classical music radio broadcaster, audacious but relaxing plans were being hatched.



" ..but this would be a quantum leap in Psysops, I mean, public radio..."

"In peoples homes..."

"On Christmas day..."

"Cooking the turkey..."

"...could push them over the edge..."

"What did the religious correspondent say?"

"He said - We´ve been torturing our congregations with this music for generations, why should your listeners be any different?"

"...they'd be helpless to resist the ads.."



Operation Mistletoe went ahead on Christmas day...

4-7am Three hours of laid back classics (Carols)

7-9am Christmas morning (Carols)

9-12am Christmas requests (Carols)

12-3pm The nations favourite carols (Carols)

3-6pm Making music Christmas carols (Carols)

6-9pm Smooth carols at six (Carols)

9-11pm The Messiah (wot no carols?)

11-2am Relaxing classics (Carols)


Turkeys ready