Fight Or Flight

Aversion therapy

Music´s impact on emotion is more than just a widely-held assumption, it´s a phenomenon that has drawn a fair amount of scientific research. It´s actually such a powerful and versatile stimulus that some laboratories use music as the primary tool to study emotion; unlike visual stimuli such as pictures, video, or smell prompts, musical samples provoke strong and consistent responses in test subjects, can be used to induce both pleasant and unpleasant responses, and can be manipulated fairly easily along mood-altering parameters like tempo and mode.

However, more research has been conducted on the dark side of music´s emotional influence, in particular its horror-movie ability to trigger the innate fight-or-flight response even in highly-evolved beings like us here at Stageband headquarters. In the over-simplified modern phrenology of brain mapping, the amygdala is the "fear locus," a structure that seems to be activated when people are confronted with fearful stimuli, such as Stageband´s own worst nightmare, a Beethoven concert...

Stageband volunteered (reluctantly) to be monitored whilst attending a performance of Beethoven´s seventh symphony and the results are shown below.