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Radio 3 chart show

As from April 12th BBC Radio 3 will broadcast highlights from the Official Specialist Classical Chart Results. This is the first time in the station's history that it has broadcast a weekly chart.

The rise of the Valkyries (Up to number 4 from 29)

The new breakfast show is to target a younger audience in an effort to "scupper some crusty old preconceptions" and Stageband has an exclusive preview of how the show will be presented in the future.

Rob 'Mad dog' Cowan will hit us with full on, edgy, and site specific classical noises at their most primitive, an incessant drone of twisted metal Mozart and RockTastic Rachmaninoff creating a Rorsach style sonic landscape of shifting shapes and dystopian triangles, while Goth babe Sarah Mohr-Puhnksch will introduces a hint of post apocalyptic nihilism into her sets, mingling Charpentier Chill-Out with post progressive Glazunov Grunge.


Authentic !!

For 'Early Acid house' aficionados Sean 'Yer Marn' Rafferty will be presenting the 'Off-Key' road show next Saturday in room two downstairs at Dittersdorf's nightclub here in London, with a special guest appearance from the legendary Roger 'Ozzie' Norrington.




The controversial move was defended by Paul 'Prawns' Gambuccini who insisted that "the music business has always relied on lists in one form or another".

Here are some famous composer's lists:




Saving The Planet

A proposal to cut carbon emissions caused by performances of large scale symphonic and choral works was put forward to delegates at the recent World climate conference by Professor Edward Chance.
He argued that large amounts of CO2 gases are produced by massed choirs and Brass sections when performing works such as Mahler´s second symphony and Beethoven's Choral symphony.

Stageband suggests that following the success of the European Union's agricultural policy of 'Set-aside' land we should cease performance of these and similar works for a period of at least seven years.
This proposal has been generally welcomed, although a pressure group formed by some leading conductors has objected on the grounds that these works provide them with their biggest fees, and enable them to showcase their musical skills in a way that Mozart or Haydn cannot. The photograph below illustrates, very well, just what we would be missing.

Bernstein conducts Mahler 2