Pseuds Corner

Trojan Wince

Clemens Non Papa Consort presents Dido and Aeneas

.. a radical re-invention of Henry Purcell's Opera. Site specific, emotional, edgy and despairing.

I do, indeed, despair.

Come and be a guest at the memorial service of Dido, queen of Carthage and watch as fate takes it's course with a feeling of helplessness as you realise..

..this is rubbish?

..there is nothing you can do to save her. With musical direction by Marvin Perrott and stage direction by Joanne Boniface and a talented cast of musicians plucked from the cusp of their professional careers,

When you've finished laughing about cusps, note the use of the word professional here, is this in case we begin to suspect otherwise?

this is a spectacle not to be missed.

We beg to disagree

You are fated to attend.

Fate can be so cruel ..


Give 'em too much trope and...

Item from a musical jobs website

An artist and writer..

Postgraduate student...

..exploring tropes of authorship through musical conventions,

She never attended any lectures...

is keen to work with an experienced conductor to develop and realise a short series of live solo performances in May-July.

..and suddenly needs to actually produce something to show for all the time she's supposed to have been studying.

The performances depart from and reverse traditional relationships btween conductor and musician and the piece tests relations between composer, conductor, orchestra, listener, and score.

She's just split up with her boyfriend.

Points of reference for the project include LaMonte Young's Compositions 1960, diverse forms of notation developed by Cornelius Cardew, the 1976 film Girl Chewing Gum by artist John Smith, and Fictions by writer J.L. Borges.

She's panicking...

Your understanding of the field will play a significant part in the practical and conceptual development of the work

She needs someone to do all the work for her because, quite frankly, she hasn't got a f......(expletive deleted) clue.

Three performances of c.45 minutes plus one or more prior meetings to develop the details of the project, with an all inclusive fee of £200 paid.

Aren't we all so grateful to the University of never never land for providing these 'sonic -art-creative-media-installation-audio-visual-anything but confront the awkward realities of actually having to work' courses. Just where would we be without them Eh?