World Cup Extra!

Recommended Music

Stageband would like to highlight the small but significant part that music has played in the soccer World Cup 2010 celebrations by recommending the following recordings. The quality of the playing is, it has to be admitted, sometimes poor but this is probably down to the state of the pitch.

"Vuvuzela Sensations" (Plastic FM)

Favourite classics played by the legendary 'Vuvuzela Virtuosi of the Veldt', directed by Clarence 'Dudu' M'boucha with special guest soloist Alison M'balsa.
Thrill to popular favourites such as Purcell's Vuvuzela Voluntary, Vivaldi's The four Vuvuzelas, Bach's The well extruded Vuvuzela, and of course George Frederick Handel's The Vuvuzela shall sound.

Listen to a sample clip of the Bach:

"Vuvuzela Moods"

Companion volume to the above. Relax and chill out to smooth classics such as Samuel M'baba's Adagio for vuvuzelas,Canteloube's Songs from the Auvuvuvergne and of course the timeless I left my vuvuzela in Pietermaritzburg.

For early music fans try Nkwa'no vibrato'o 'historically informed' playing of 17th century Soweto sonatas on the wooden vuvuzela.

Finally we were intrigued by Testicle record's latest offering, a rare recording of Maria M'kalas playing a bakelite vuvuzela at the Festival hall in 1959. (Or perhaps she was just having an off day...